Compass Estate Agents - Leading the way in local real estate

Our Philosophy & Values

Our community commitment is at the heart of everything we do. No other agency offers such an intimate local focus – our passion for the area and our clients play an integral role in the way we conduct our business. We believe that if we do the very best for our clients every time, we will grow and prosper.

Our Vision

Our proud heritage is supported by a strong and decisive vision for the future. We make substantial investments in our people and our technology to ensure that we remain at the forefront of local real estate, while never wavering from the personal focus that our clients depend on.

Our Commitment

We have an ongoing commitment to integrity, quality advice, local knowledge and hard work. We are committed to continued innovation and evolution for the benefit of our clients, adding significant value to their real estate experience on a long-term basis.

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We are a conscious bunch. We do everything with clear intention and integrity, with knowledge of our industry at the forefront. We aim higher than just the standard. Our objective is to create an experience for our clients where they feel empowered and taken care of when making such an important decision, be it a local family home or an investment property.

Surrounding your experience with us, we invite our clients into a culture that thrives on a passion to build relationships with each other, within our suburbs and our city. We love making your dreams a reality.

As we support our clients, our intention is to give that support back to our local causes, communities and businesses, making a targeted effort to contribute.